Widespread multiservice technological infrastructure in Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Thanks to a broad and multidisciplinary partnership (5 incubators and accelerators, 3 research centres and universities, 2 local authorities, 2 competence centres, 2 businesses, 1 telco), CTE COBO consists of various innovative structures in Emilia-Romagna, Italy and fosters ongoing positive interactions between the players involved in the development of emerging technologies in Italy and abroad, familiarising the public with the processes of innovation

Central Hub - Innovation Square

For the first phase of the project, Central Hub, tasked with coordinating the network of CTE COBO spaces, is located in Innovation Square in Piazza Liber Paradisus in Bologna. For the second half of 2024, the Hub will be located in the spaces of the Tecnopolo of Bologna, “city of science”.

Innovative sites for acceleration, training, experimentation, research and co-working activities


Prototyping lab for creating prototypes of business ideas and for use as a coworking and training space. At Almalabor it is possible to create and test prototypes of innovative products with the assistance of specialist technical personnel who are able to offer support for the use of cutting-edge materials and equipment.

Alma Mater Studiorum lab sites - University of Bologna

HPC Center

Coworking space adjacent to computing, supercomputing and quantum computing infrastructure which aids the circulation of expertise in the multidisciplinary spirit that characterises the project.

CINECA, Via Magnanelli, 2, Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna)

Testing Lab

Spaces dedicated to research and testing in the area of Internet of Things, 5G/6G, Quantum Communications.

CNIT - WiLab at Opificio Golinelli - Giardino delle Imprese, Bologna

Pilot Line

Spaces for training events, networking and co-working reserved for startuppers, university researchers and innovative enterprises. All of the different 4.0 enabling technologies are grouped together in a 4.0 pilot line,

BI-REX at Opificio Golinelli - Giardino delle Imprese, Bologna

Creative Hub

A technologically cutting-edge hub of over 2000 m2 with meeting rooms, coworking rooms, audio/video recording and mastering studios, oculus for the production of VR/AR and 360 content, as well as broadcasting and podcasting content, aula magna for live and streaming events, testing rooms and much more besides.

Multifunctional music, culture and creative centre in Emilia Romagna. Via del Tappezziere 4, 40138 Bologna

Phygital HUB

Innovative spaces where it is possible to experience augmented human capabilities, non-conventional interactions between men and machines and advanced robotic solutions to create the “factory of the future”. Event and coworking spaces

Gellify at Phygital HUB - Via Isonzo, 55, Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna)

G- Factor

Co-working and classroom space made up of a large “connective greenhouse”

G-Factor at Opificio Golinelli in Via Paolo Nanni Costa, 20, Bologna

Search On Media Group

Conference rooms that can be used for events, videoconferences, video lessons, face-to-face lessons, meetings, seminars, workshops, meeting rooms. An opportunity for interaction and training around topics like digital strategy, scouting startup, enterprise, digital and social innovation.

Search On Media Group, Via Ugo Bassi, 7, Bologna

SSAIL Space (Security, Sensors and Automation for the innovation of Logistics and Work)

Space for the installation of emerging technology equipment, technology transfer and the incubation and acceleration of businesses and startups.

Inside the Energy, Environment and Marine Research Centre in Marina di Ravenna

Port Authority Space

It is possible to move around inside the Digital Twin of the port as if you were moving in the physical port space thanks to the Virtual Reality Lab. The space also has systems that guarantee 5G connectivity and is powered by solar energy as well as the electricity grid.

Port of Ravenna


Incubation and co-working space launched in 2013 by a partnership between the Municipality of Ravenna, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Fondazione Flaminia and the Chamber of Commerce and Province of Ravenna to facilitate relationships and the sharing of skills and innovative knowledge.

Via Magazzini Posteriori 52 - 48121 - Ravenna


Spaces and services for the development and consolidation of innovative startups

Le Serre di ART-ER, via Castiglione 136, Bologna


Incubation and acceleration services, co-working spaces and offices for startups and spin-offs, meeting rooms and workshop spaces.

Viale Giuseppe Fanin 48, Bologna