Services for Startups

CTE COBO supports Startups in the planning of acceleration and innovation courses

The range of services, based on the multidisciplinary expertise of CTE COBO’s various partners, aims to support the technological and business development of Startups that use technologies and offer solutions based on innovations like: 5G and 6G, Artificial Intelligence, Iot, Edge-Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Quantum Technology and HPC.
Open Innovation and Acceleration courses and the widespread multiservice infrastructure make it possible to foster the business growth of startups and positive interactions between the communities of technological and social innovation.
COBO On-Demand
On demand acceleration services from the definition of the business plan to the analysis of financial sustainability through to the go-to-market strategy.
Call 4
Participation in Open Innovation programmes to respond with innovative solutions and ideas enabled by emerging technologies to challenges established by local authorities and major private sector businesses.
Training and mentoring
COBO Accelerates
Vertical training and mentoring with the aim of supporting the founders and, more generally, the team of the startup, to form connections within and outside the accelerator players.


The services can be accessed by Startups with at least one operating site in Italy and informal groups which are not yet established as companies but plan to launch a business project, which meet the following criteria:
  • they plan to adopt, develop, trial or launch a solution on the market (product/service);
  • that is 5G technology-enabled;
  • based on at least one of the key emerging technologies (AI, IoT, edge computing, blockchain);
  • with an expected impact in at least one of CTE COBO’s strategic sectors.

We aid networking and help innovative business ideas take flight with: