Services for SMEs

CTE COBO supports SMEs in the planning of development and innovation courses

The range of services, based on the multidisciplinary expertise of CTE COBO’s various partners, aims to support the technological and business development of companies that offer solutions based on 5G and 6G, Artificial Intelligence, Iot, Edge-Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Quantum Technology and HPC.

In addition to individual services, during the programme businesses are consulted and directed towards the most effective collaborations for their requirements. Further, the widespread infrastructure makes it possible to foster positive interactions between the communities of technological and social innovation.

Guidance for SMEs
Following the performance of a needs analysis, sustainable pathways for further technology, business and skills development are indicated with the goal of ensuring constant growth over time.
COBO 2 Business
Launch of collaborations with Italian and international Universities, Research Centres and Competence Centres to promote innovative products, patents and know-how and for the uptake of high TRL solutions.
COBO Open Innovation
The selected organisations can lay down innovation challenges in response to which startups are invited to propose solutions based on emerging technologies.
COBO Tech Transfer
Support for customised technology transfer courses, through access to enabling infrastructure, knowledge and skills transfer and technological and administrative management.


The services can be accessed by SMEs with at least one operating site in Italy, which meet the following criteria:
  • they plan to adopt, develop, trial or launch a solution on the market (product/service);
  • that is 5G technology-enabled;
  • based on at least one of the key emerging technologies (AI, IoT, edge computing, blockchain);
  • with an expected impact in at least one of CTE COBO’s strategic sectors.

We innovate connections and facilitate the sustainable growth of SMEs with: