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Apply today to become part of COBO Accelerator and experience an incredible acceleration towards success! Participation in the program is free and equity-free.
With COBO Accelerator service, Bologna's House of Emerging Technologies offers startups the chance to contribute to innovation and economic growth by implementing their own innovative digital technologies and solutions. The goal is to accelerate startups utilizing the following emerging technologies: 5G, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, Internet of Things, Edge-Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality.

Three acceleration programs

Innovative Urban ServicesProgram organized by GELLIFY
Innovative Urban Services
Program organized by GELLIFY
In today's increasingly connected world, urban services play a crucial role. Our acceleration program offers the opportunity to redefine the city of the future. From intelligent transportation to environmental sustainability, COBO Accelerator is the place where ideas come to life and transform into tangible solutions for our community.
Industry 4.0Program organized by G-Factor in collaboration with BI-REX
Industry 4.0
Program organized by G-Factor in collaboration with BI-REX
Industry is constantly evolving, driven by technological innovation. The COBO Accelerator Industry 4.0 program is a springboard for those who wish to embrace digital transformation. Our resources and experienced mentors will help overcome challenges and fully exploit the opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution.
Creative Cultural IndustriesProgram organized by Almacube in collaboration with Creative Hub Bologna
Creative Cultural Industries
Program organized by Almacube in collaboration with Creative Hub Bologna
Art, culture, and creativity are the heartbeat of our society. In the acceleration program for ICCs, we support solutions involving emerging technologies in various artistic and cultural fields such as visual and performing arts (e.g., dance, music, theatre, cinema, design, photography, etc.), gaming, fashion, artistic craftsmanship, cultural heritage, tourism, publishing and literature, learning, new media.

What does the program offer?

Expense Reimbursement

Financial support of €62,500 to cover startup development expenses.

Targeted Training

At least 12 Weeks to acquire essential skills to be competitive.

Founder Network

Support from founders and entrepreneurs and sharing of experiences

Experts and Mentors

For sharing knowledge to address specific challenges

Three reasons why you should apply today:
Realize Your Potential
Realize Your Potential
Do you have a revolutionary idea that deserves to be brought to light? COBO Accelerator offers financial support and access to the best industry experts to help you realize your entrepreneurial potential.
Accelerate Your Startup
Accelerate Your Startup
The 12-week program (June 2024 to December 2024) is an intensive learning experience covering all key aspects of a startup's success. You will acquire the skills needed to drive your project to success.
Connect with the Best
Connect with the Best
Join a community of founders, industry experts, and mentors who are ready to help you grow. You'll have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and learn from those who have already overcome the challenges you are facing.
Kick-off programs
June 2024
Final demo day
December 2024

More information

With this COBO Accelerator Notice, the Metropolitan City of Bologna intends to select a maximum number of 18 startups, which will be able to participate in a vertical acceleration pathway.

To participate in the COBO Accelerator program, please refer to the CALL along with the following attachments:


:For any information or clarification, please refer to the following contacts:

Download the indicated Forms, Fill them out and Upload them in the FORM below by 29/03/2024

To proceed with the application, download and fill out all parts of the Participation Form and the De Minimis Declaration.


De Minimis Declaration

Other documents


Who can apply for the acceleration program?

Startups that have been established for no more than 5 years and have their registered or operational headquarters in Italy are eligible. Startups based abroad are also eligible as long as they commit to opening an operational office in Italy within one month of the approval of the ranking list. In addition, to be eligible, startups must develop solutions that are enabled and/or portable and/or based on the technologies: 5G, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, Internet of Things, Edge-Cloud computing, High Performance Computing, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality. The predominant activity of the startup must be inherent/related to one of the following areas: Innovative Urban Services, Industry 4.0, Cultural and Creative Industries. For more details, see Article 5 of the referenced Call for Proposals.

How can I apply for the acceleration program?

It is necessary to complete all sections of the online application form accessible from the website and attach the required documents, in addition to the payment of the stamp duty.
There is an application form in English for English companies, and a form in Italian for foreign companies at the following page:

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is March 29, 2024. Make sure to check our website for the most updated information.

Can I apply with my startup if it is located outside of Italy?

Yes, we accept applications from international startups, provided they demonstrate an interest in opening a Legal and/or Operational headquarters in Italy within one month of the approval of the ranking list.

Is there a cost to participate in the acceleration program?

Participation in the program is free and equity-free.

On what criteria will our application be evaluated?

The application will be reviewed by the COBO Accelerator team, which will evaluate all relevant aspects to succeed during the program. Mainly: a) Uniqueness, innovation, and clarity of the value proposition; b) Knowledge of the problem to be solved and the target market; c) Sustainability and scalability of the business model; d) Technical feasibility of the proposed solution. The committee will also evaluate: e) the experiences and skills of the startup and the proposing team; f) the project for the use of financial resources obtained from the acceleration program.

How does the selection process work?

The selection will take place in two phases: in the first phase, the committee of each vertical program will evaluate the applications received through the online application form, and the first ranking list will be published (the applying startup must reach a minimum score to be admitted to the ranking list). In the second phase, the candidate companies that are ranked within the 15th position in one of the three ranking lists prepared per vertical will be evaluated through an in-depth interview. The committee will publish a second ranking list with the final winners who will be admitted to the program.

Does our company need to be established to apply for the program?

To access the program, your startup must have been established for no more than five years.

Where will the acceleration program take place?

The acceleration program will mainly take place in Bologna and its province. It will not be necessary to be full-time in Bologna for the duration of the acceleration. However, your presence will be required for some activities to be done together. For more details on each program, see attachment 4.

What expenses can be accounted for in relation to the financial support for expense reimbursement?

The expenses that can be accounted for must be related to: expenses for human resources (internal and external personnel) directly attributable to participation in the COBO Accelerator path; expenses for the acquisition of goods and services; VAT actually and definitively incurred for the costs referred to in the previous paragraphs, only if not recoverable, in compliance with current regulations. For further details, refer to Article 11 of the Call for Proposals.

Furthermore, it is specified that before the start of the acceleration programs, an ad hoc meeting will be organized to support startups in understanding the accountable expenses.

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